My first visit

Get to know everything you need before visiting us for the first time.

My First Visit
You don´t need a stethoscope to hear the heart of Coyoacan. We´re just 10 minute walk away from the center of Coyoacan in the street Ayuntamiento #83. We believe that by giving you the best quality-price ratio experience, we all benefit, that is why we are the biggest boulder gym in Mexico but not the most expensive. Once we were students as well and we didn´t have so much money but yet still we wanted to experience and do the things we loved. That´s why we have students pass with a more affordable price, from monday to friday before 3 pm.
Single day pass
10 - time pass
Monthly pass
Yearly pass
Rock & Flow
Climbing and unlimited FlowSolid classes.
Shoe rent
(First time for free.)
All prices are expressed in MXN
Chalk included in the prices

Yes, you don’t need any prior experience to have a great time bouldering. All new climbers receive a thorough orientation before they climb.

Any athletic or loose fitting clothing works great for bouldering.

Yes you can. There are also showers in men´s and women´s changing rooms.

If you want to lock your belongings you can either buy a paddle lock from us (for $60 MXN), rent it (for $5 MXN) or bring your own. The size of the lockers is H40W35*D40

The only thing you need to boulder at RockSolid is climbing shoes. Feel free to bring your own or rent some from our fleet for $30 MXN/day. We don’t allow barefoot or street shoe climbing at RockSolid. Chalk is included in the price.

Yes, please fill out our online waiver and bring your driver’s license or another identification when you arrive. Anyone under 18 is considered a minor and cannot fill out their own waiver, so be sure to bring a parent for the first time. Naturally climbing is more fun with a friends so ask your friends to join too!

FAQ FlowSolid

Yes, you don’t need prior experience to be part of any class. Level will be acquired as you progress in time.

Any athletic or loose fitting clothing works great for any of Flow Solid classes. Your teacher may later give you some clothing tips to improve your performance.

You can find in our facilities all the equipment needed for your classes. However, if you want to, you can bring your own equipment (Ex. Yoga mat).

All of our classes last from 1h to 1h30.

Yes you can. There are showers in men´s and women´s changing rooms that will allow you to refresh after your class.

Each package has a validity of 1 month, you will be able to renew it each month automatically or directly at RockSolid frontdesk.

Each package has established the number of classes you can attend and the maximum number of disciplines you can choose: 4 classes (1 discipline), 8 classes (1 to 2 disciplines), 12 classes (1 to 3 disciplines), 16 classes (1 to 4 disciplines), Rock & Flow (Unlimited).


We recommend you attend at least 4 classes per month of each discipline you choose in order to advance at a similar pace as the rest of the group.

The staff in our front desk will help you make the change in our system. In case you have renewed your package through platform, it is important that it has not been used so that we can make the change.

Our app will help you set aside the class you want to go to. Remember that in case you cannot attend a class you must cancel at least 3 hours in advance.

If you require any advice to use it, go to the RockSolid reception and our staff will gladly help you.